Road Trip: LA to the Southwest via Death Valley, Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyon

Road Trips

Well, I’ve reached that not-so-fun part of every trip where you start to realize that, come this time tomorrow, you’ll be home (better be a lot earlier than this, yikes). As I’m sitting in my last hotel of the west bound journey (and trying to ignore the temptation of the options that are Vegas 10 flights below), I thought I’d take a minute to recap what’s happened over the last 1,500+ miles.


Still working on the posts but chime in with any other details that might help your own trip planning / curiosity:

On the Road


Hikes Worth Doing

Stops Worth Making / Places Worth Staying At / And one to skip

Yikes, the list is growing and the blue links are not…. Well, it was one heck of an adventure and now, time to get started on the fun. And oh, since I just stepped out of the movie theater… Thor. If you like the comic book series and haven’t already seen this one, get on it… Amazingness!