Sunset from White River West Sno-Park

Winter Views from One Very Snowy Mount Hood!

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It’s been an incredible winter across the west coast with snowfall of hundreds upon hundreds of inches across the peaks. No surprise this has made it a lot harder to find a clear day to go out and adventure but when conditions have calmed down both in the skies above and the avalanche risk on the slopes, the views have been something else.

This week I managed to time things right and enjoyed a day of blue-bird climbing up to South Side’s Palmer Ski lift with time leftover to sneak in as sunset view of the mountain from White River West Sno-park, here are a few of my favorite shots from the adventure. Stay tuned for many more outings to come… after the next storm rolls on through that is!

Mount Hood, Winter 2017

Looking up at the top of Mt. Hood without a cloud in the sky!

Mount Hood View to Oregon

Looking down the mountain towards the South with Mt. Jefferson and the Sisters in the distance.

Steel Cliffs on Hood

Mount Hood’s Steel Cliffs, snow covered, frozen and looking fierce!

Snow macro shot

Wind does fascinating things to snow as it carves around the mountains, creating structures of every sort.

Hood from White River West Sno Park

Day time view of Hood from the White River West Sno-Park

Sunset from White River West Sno-Park

The last glow of sunset reflecting back on the mountain from the sno-park.

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