Vernal Falls Rainbow

Spring is the time for waterfalls! Photos from hiking the Mist Trail and Upper Yosemite Falls

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Yosemite has something to offer in every season but when it comes to its waterfalls, nothing compares to Spring. This year, winter rolled in late and while the overall snow-pack in the high country is sadly well under average (67% as of 4/1/2018), the final storms have made for plenty of snow to melt on down and fill the rivers below. They even had to close the Valley for a few days as it flooded over. With less snow up above, things may not last as long as in great years but it’s there for now! 

It’s been a while since I experienced this view of the park so last weekend, I made the drive up with two stops on my mind: The Mist Trail and Upper Yosemite Falls. I realize these are hardly secret spots and I’ve written about both trails before in detail so I won’t bore you with the details of the routes but sufficient to say there is a reason why literally thousands head to each every day this time of year.

The Mist Trail: Vernal & Nevada Falls

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Arriving early in the morning as you really always should try for (no line at the gate and far less company on the trail), it was immediately clear even from the road in that now is indeed a great time to head to Yosemite. Even before Yosemite Falls came into view, there was water everywhere — Horsetail Falls, Bridalveil Fall, and a dozen other falls with and without official names were all roaring including several which I’d never seen going before. I spent two days in the park touring it all, first up the Mist Trail and then over to Upper Yosemite Falls. Between it, I spend a night in the famous Camp 4, treated myself to a dinner at the Yosemite Lodge Bar, made a few friends, even spotted a Botcat. 

Upper Yosemite Falls

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With waterfalls running nearly as high as I’ve ever seen them myself and a calm, Spring vibe it was a near magical visit. But enough talk, by now I’m sure you’ve taken a look through my photo tour and nothing beats seeing it yourself so if you can make it to the park soon, get on it — before summit dries up the view!

Heading to Yosemite? Be sure to check the park website for current conditions, trail updates, and essentials for a safe & fun visit.