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The bridge to point bonita lighthouse

Trail Guide: Hiking San Francisco’s Point Bonita Lighthouse (<200' / 1 mile / 1 hour)

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Usually I write about mountain climbs and day-long trails, but some adventures come without the big effort and yet are just as worthy of a spot on the bucket list. These gems are easy to miss in the quest for all-day adventures and it took me over 30 years as a Californian to cross this one off my own list but let me tell you, with it’s impressive history and exciting trail Point Bonita Lighthouse is definitely one of those places you have…

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Winter Views from Pyramid Peak

Trail Guide: Winter Hiking Lake Tahoe’s Pyramid Peak via Rocky Canyon (~7 miles / 4,000’ / 4-6 hours)

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Now that I’m officially a Californian again, I’ve been playing catch up every time I get a chance as I work to get caught up on all the classic Sierra hikes. Pyramid Peak’s notoriety (also the looks) quickly pushed it towards the top of my list so with a base of snow finally starting to cover Tahoe, I snuck out for a winter style climb and what a climb it was – but we bagged it and returned with beta…

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Standing on the ledge

Stand Over Chicago and Look Down 103 Floors From the Willis Tower’s Sky Deck Ledge

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In 1973 the Sears company completed construction of their famous tower which even decades later remains the world’s 8th tallest building and the US and western hemisphere’s second tallest (first if you measure to the top of the last usable story rather than the top of the spire placed above it). It was a testament to modern architecture and engineering for sure but heading into Chicago, all I could think about was the chance to stand over the city and check out the…

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