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Mendenhall Glacier

The Great Alaska Cruise: Stops & Sights From My Day in Juneau

Places to Visit

Day four of my Alaska cruise started out under dreary skies as we sat docked at Juneau’s harbor. With a long day in port, we were in no immediate rush to get off the boat though the call of Mendenhall Glacier was enough to push us along just as soon as we finished breakfast! It would be more than ten hours before I set foot back on the boat — Juneau just has that much to do. Morning Tour: Exploring Mendenhall Glacier…

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The Alaska Cruise: An Adventure Traveler’s Take on Cruising the Inside Passage & Glacier Bay


All you can eat buffets, shuffleboard, formal dining, air-conditioned driving tour; though nice indulgences, multi-thousand passenger cruise ships are hardly known as an adventurous experience. But at the same time, what better is there to get a taste for the vastness of Alaska than cruising from port to port, sailing through the famous inside passage and into the heart of the iconic Glacier Bay? Alaska has always been on my dream list. In fact, I’ve been so enthralled with the…

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